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Thread: Do you let your children eat in the living room?

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    never, we have a kitchen table for a reason and I don't feel the need or want to be cleaning up dinner from several rooms of the house...that is just me though we have all our meals together at the table.

    ha, I just read the responses...we don't really do snacks at home. We don't really have time. I work full time, and our weekends are always jam packed.

    The only one who gets drinks out of the kitchen area is the 1 year old...and that is just sippy's of water. We have hardwood floors and i hate hardened milk/juice spots, they drive me nuts...but I am 7m preggo and don't want to be on my hands and knees scrubbing them
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    Mostly everything at the table, with a few exceptions during a family movie night or something. Our dinning area and living room are pretty open to each other so they can still be a part of whats going on (can even see the tv if its on) from the kitchen table.
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    Right now DH and I almost always eat in the living room watching TV. I love when I have company and we actually eat at the table. I think it's healthier and you tend to eat less when it's not mindless. I have tried to do that with DH but he eats fast and I'm slow and I find myself trying to keep up and getting sick....or I have him staring at me while I finish up. When we have a child though, we will be doing eating in the kitchen at the table (kitchen and dining room are a big connected room). Maybe some snacks or a once in a while special meal in the living room. But generally I don't like kids eating in the living room. I have carpet in there and I don't cloth furniture (don't like the feel of leather). I also have two dogs who are kid height and would probably try to sneak food from them. Just a lot easier to have the kid at the table.

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    Only at the table/in the kitchen. This also goes for drinks and any snacks. For special occasions like movie nights, I will let the kids eat snacks and not as messy meals, like chicken tenders or pizza in the living room while we watch a movie, and of course popcorn. I admit that I don't eat in the kitchen. I don't like eating at the table with other people - they ask me to get/do to many things when I am trying to eat and they argue a bit too much for my taste, so I eat in the living room or my bedroom most of the time. I also am the person who cleans up and my kids make huge crummy messes if they eat outside the kitchen. Ky recently snuck a sandwich out of the kitchen to eat in the living room (picking up bad habits of his cousins who were staying with us recently) and I asked him if he ate in the living room and he said "no" even though he got peanut butter on my couch and had peanut butter on his face and got peanut butter on the floor and there was a crumb trail. So he got in trouble for lying to me about it and had to clean up his mess. We have microfiber sofas so they are easy to clean, but I just don't think it is sanitary since they get a lot of crumbs everywhere. My mom wasn't a good housekeeper when I was a kid and she didn't really make us clean up in our rooms much, only when we wanted to, and I remember once I ate some pretzels in my room and then forgot about the bag, which was only half eaten and weeks later when I went to clean up because it got out of control messy, there were bugs AND a mouse in the pretzel bag so I stopped eating in my room (I rarely do now, mostly in the living room and if I do, it is only dinner and not snack type foods because I still forget bags places) and that freaked me the heck out. I tell Ky and Elle that story and they don't eat in their rooms because of it. I told Ky when he can eat without dropping crumbs, I will let him eat outside of the kitchen more often. One of my nephews is 15 and he is just now allowed to eat outside of the dining room at my mom's house due to also being crummy. I think we have crumminess in our family or something.

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    Dinner at the table together, unless it's a movie night or other special occasion. In nice weather we often have dinner on the back patio. The rest of the time we're very casual. We all eat snacks all over the house. Noe is a grazer -- she will eat only small amounts at a time, so she eats many snacks. If she ate only at the table we'd be sitting there all day. And my teen's eating schedule is often different than the rest of us because of sports, homework, etc. We have hard floors that are easy to clean. On the weekends when dh is home, we eat at the table together for most meals.
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    No meals or snacks or drinks are eaten anywhere but the table unless it's a special picnic in the living room or tea party on their play table.

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    The kids are only allowed to eat in the kitchen (or in our old house, in the dining room), except for the occasional special allowance, when I let them sit on the floor in the living room or at their "art table." For snacks, I tell them if they don't want to sit at the table, they can sit on the kitchen floor. Sometimes, they will be cheeky and sit with their butts right on the line between the living room and kitchen.
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    Sometimes. It used to be 'sure, that's fine'... now, not so much. We got new carpet last year and since then I have been more strict about it. We sometimes will have pizza and movie night and we all eat in the living room. And sometimes I let the kids have snacks in the living room if they're sitting down. I don't let them run around and eat snacks anymore because it was leading to lots of messes. And also because we had mice over the winter and it totally freaked me out. lol. So if they're sitting watching something or coloring, it's fine.

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    Yes but only because we currently don't have a dining room table. I am still looking for one because our old one fell apart. She normally eats at the coffee table or her little table she has though while we sit at the couch/recliner.

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    My kids rarely eat in the living room. Once in a while I'll allow lunch in there but just rarely. When we lived in an apartment we did all the time but we also had very little space and our kitchen table was always covered in laundry (I hate laundry). Now that we have this house we have so much more space that our table never is cluttered anymore. The kids are allowed snacks, like crakers and fruit in the living room but we always eat dinner at the table together. I have found that I have to vacuum less now that I dont allow as much food in my living room.

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    We do both. We have meals at the table or eat in the living room. I have hardwood and a leather couch so it's never been a big issue to me.

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