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    Hi ladies...DH and I are trying to plan our vacation this summer. If we do not get a BFP by June, then our IVF would be planned for the end of June, I think. Here is my question: Does the RE always prescribe you to be on BCP prior to IVF? Also, if I was due to have eggs retrieved on June 25th, could I plan for an 11 hr drive on June 28th and then a 2hr flight on June 30th? In other words, how long after the egg retrieval do they wait to do the blast? I am sorry for my ignorance on this subject! Am I crazy to try and plan my vacation during this time? Also, how long will or should I be off work for the IVF process?


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    cheryl- I am just staring the TTC process, so hopefully I can help, but I am a beginner. I do not know about BCP- I was put on them and while I think it is pretty routine, I think it is not always the case. It depends on your protocol, which depends on your diagnosis, ovarian reserve, and your RE. About the 2nd question, I would definitely NOT plan to go on a vacation with flight reservations, etc that soon after retrieval. If they do the retrieval on the 25th, they would probably transfer on the 28th or the 30th, but the dates might change depending how you respond to the medications. You can talk to your RE office about this some more, but they had to change my dates because I had something I had to do 7 days after my scheduled retrieval that could not be changed.

    GL and I hope this helps answer your q's. But I hope you just get a bfp before june!!!
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    BCPs totally depend on your protocol, I was on them for 2 weeks, some are on them as long as 6 weeks or even not at all. You can drive and travel soon after ET, my ET was on a Monday, we flew home on Thursday (14 hour trip!) and I had no issues with travel. You asked about traveling after ER...did you mean ET? Or will you be freezing everything and then doing a FET cycle later on? The only issue with traveling after ER is if you are high risk for OHSS-if there are a lot of follicles aspirated then the risk of OHSS is high. If you get OHSS, the symptoms can range from being very uncomfortable to being admitted to the hospital for fluid overload. That would be the only thing affecting your travel plans after ER (that, and the timing of your ET). If you are doing the ET in the same cycle, they usually do ET either 3 or 5 days after ER. Just be prepared if you make travel plans around your IVF cycle...procedure dates change during the cycle depending on monitoring and response to meds, and there are a lot of factors out of your control - make sure you give yourself some wiggle room.

    Good luck to you. Even though it seems like a long time away, summer will be here in no time. Here's hoping you won't even have to worry about IVF!
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