Things have been so crazy in this case lately. I really don't even know what's going on half the time. We have court next week and have been told that baby girl should be staying with us. On the upside to it all we have found out for sure that the petitioners (both of them) have decided not to pursue custody. The GAL mentioned it but I wasn't sure until last week. I finally heard from the CASA that neither one of them has done anything on their petitions since before the last court date which was 3 months ago.

Monday we had a two hour visitation (to make up for all the visitations that were cancelled or rescheduled or missed) and the lady we were most concerned about didn't even show up. She only came to two visitations in 3 months and appears to have lost interest. The other lady, who is just as dear as can be, talked to me Monday. After saying hello she asked me if I wanted to adopt and if we'd thought about what we would do. I told her we absolutely would love to if it comes to that. That we love her dearly, but that our job right now is to also support her mother if we can. This is the lady that mom was living with. She said that mom has moved out, and that when she was there she was so scared of her she hid all of her butcher knives and checked on them periodically to make sure mom didn't find them. That really concerned me and I mentioned it to the SW just in case it became relevant. I've learned that DSS will tell us pretty much nothing but they seem to be working really hard behind the scenes.

I was surprised to hear someone else mention adoption or permanency even though she can't do anything about it herself. She said that if it was up to her I would adopt. She said she just can't see her going home to mom safely and that she thinks she and the other lady are both too old to properly care for her. She said knowing what she knows of us that's what she'd like to see. It felt good to hear her say that even though I know it may not change anything.

It looks like right now our biggest concern is what will happen with dad. I hope so bad (and maybe this is awful) that he just signs away his rights. If he doesn't then he has 5 months of back child support to pay, and I know he has other children so he's probably paying for them too. I just hope he can let her go. I do worry about his family though, if there's someone there. So we're still just taking it one day at a time. While I was greatly encouraged by what the GAL said I just won't believe it until I see it, hear it, and live it. So we'll see what happens Thursday.

Oh and while this is going on we decided to buy a bigger house...and renovate it. Maybe we're nuts. Lol.