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Thread: Baby screaming after every feeding

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    No matter how long I leave my newborn at each breast, she always acts like she's not getting enough. She will spend more than an hour on one side and who knows how long on the other, and she just screams like she's still hungry!! My right breast is having no problems producing. My left side is doing so much better, but it's not keeping up with the right side, and I leave her on the left side longer. It goes on all day long, and has been for the past three days. I'm exhausted and my nipples are so sore. What can I do? Also, how can I fit in eating and resting for myself during the day? Seems the only way I can do either is when the father is home..
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    Oh hugs mama!!! Hang in there, it gets easier. It looks like she is 4 weeks old right....there is a growth spurt around that time some maybe that is why she's screaming. I remember during growth spurts with my dd it was seriously non stop boob forever!!

    As far as eating for DH would have to feed me while I nursed dd. if that isn't an option for you if your DH works then maybe he can help you get stuff together for you to eat throughout the day and you can just grab it from the fridge and eat. Have you tried nursing is a carrier/sling so you have 2 free arms to use?

    As for rest, master the art of laying down while nursing!!!! It took me a long time to get it right but man it was wonderful one I could do it.

    Good luck and hang in there!!

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