Beta last Wed (11dpo)- 16
Beta 48hrs later (13dpo)- 32
Beta 72hrs later (16dpo)- 51

I started bleeding/cramping like a regular af at 10dpo. It continued for 6 days like af usually would and I'm still spotting (10days total). I stopped taking prometrium on Monday when I got the results of my 3rd beta because it did not appear my pg was viable. I assumed the bleeding would pick up and the miscarriage would be complete.

I called my midwife this morning for misoprostol to get things going since my body has a tendency to take it's time...with my last loss I bled/cramped for 7wks and went on bc to stop the bleeding when my hcg reached 7. She didn't bother to get back with me and won't be in the office again until next Thursday (yeah, she's a real gem).

Anyway, I took an hpt this afternoon to see if my levels were coming down...I expected a faint positive since it was late afternoon urine and pretty clear. It is the darkest test I've gotten (19dpo)

So do I try to get a hold of my midwife for a beta, see someone else, or wait it out?? Help me think this out ladies