Hey ladies,

I took this test earlier today (decided that I was going to be testing monthly around AF so that I can make sure that I am not pregnant, since I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 and am on some medications that have not been proven to be entirely safe for pregnancy. I just started taking my mood stabilizer this last weekend, and since me and my husband were not 100 percent safe earlier last month, which we have been since I started the meds, but unfortunately not in enough time for this cycle. Anyways, I took an answers pink dye test (learned from my last time using a blue dye test with and evap line that I can't really rely on those). I thought that the test was negative, but went back a little over and hour to go to the restroom again, and being me pulled the test out of the trash can and looked at it again. Well, not sure if what I am seeing was a VERY faint positive line, or an evap. I will post a link to the picture below, can you all let me know what you think? Thanks!

- Sierra