So it finally happened, and I wasn't ready. Backstory: I was driving DD1 and her friend home from gymnastics the other day and I overhear this conversation...

Friend: "Do you believe in God?"
DD1: must have shook her head b/c this followed...
Friend: "You don't believe in God?! But you'll go to hell if you don't!"
DD1: "No I won't..."

Convo fizzled out at this point. Me, I was just tongue-tied.

So here I am, bad mom, not ever really having this conversation with my own kids. We are basically non-religious, so it hasn't come up. I have lurked in this room from time to time and I do read occasionally the blog "Relax, It's Just God" but really, I'm lazy and I haven't yet formulated how to address this subject with my girls. I have no idea where to start.

I feel like I need to at least bring this up with DD since she clearly had no idea what her friend was talking about. I don't want her to grow up ignorant. I want her to have a basic understanding (more than I even currently do...I wasn't involved in any church after age 7 or 8) of religions and when she's ready, she can make up her own mind about her beliefs. But how do I even start? RIght now we're totally at square 1. She really doesn't know diddly about God. Any and all help is appreciated! Tips? Resources?