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    Default Hazelwood and Baltic Amber

    A friend of mine recommended the Hazelwood necklace to us since DD has issues with almost all acidic foods and excema. Just wondering do we take it off her to bathe her or leave it on? Also I have fibro and many other joint pain issues. Will this help me, too? I'm new to learning how to do some of these natural healing techniques, and you all are so much more knowledgeable! Thanks in advance.

    Oh, and if I may, with the homemade detergent, what do you use to whiten your whites?
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    I don't know about the necklace, but I hope it helps!

    For the detergent, I read one persons blog who includes oxy-clean in her detergent recipe. I prefer not to, but I do occasionally treat stains with Shout.

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    I've heard the amber necklaces can be left on-my nephew's stays on all the time. And my SIL wears one around her wrist for anxiety. She says it helps a lot and has been trying to get my mom to wear some bracelets or anklets for her rheumatoid arthritis. I've read good stuff for pain management with chronic conditions.

    As for whitening-I use borax and baking soda in my recipe. For my whites I add extra baking soda and sometimes a little bit more borax.

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