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    Hi there,
    I am going to list off everything that has been going on, and if you could just let me know if you think I should still be cautious of pregnancy, that'd be great!
    My birth control pill is a mini pill, which I found out I have been taking incorrectly for the last 6 months.
    My boobs are really sore and growing! I got measured and I've grown an entire cup size.
    I went on a trip and was incredibly nauseous on the plane. I've never been nauseous on a plane before, and the flight was smooth not choppy. Since I had it in the back of my mind from my boobs growing, I googled flying in the first trimester. Google told me that it was safe for baby but my pregnancy symptoms would escalate, like morning sickness.
    When I returned home, I took a pregnancy test that came out Negative.
    I still just felt as if my body was different and went to the doctor a day later for blood test. Negative.
    I put the idea of pregnancy to rest.
    I have been experiencing dry mouth at night for the last week. Nothing has changed otherwise. I googled this, and up pops a pregnancy forum with women commenting on how awful their dry mouth is.
    Should I still be exploring this? Or am I just being excited?

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    A negative blood test means that you were not pregnant at the time of the test for sure. Birth control pills can cause you to have the pregnancy symptoms that you are mentioning as well. So especially if you weren't taking the pills correctly until now, you might be having those symptoms due to the pill for the first time.
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    I agree with everything Jessica said. Best of luck!

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