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    Idk what to think. My periods have always been regular until 4 months ago. I didnt have one in December or January so I took 2 hpt both came back neg (in jan) and 1 at the doc along with a blood test (neg). Then i got my period in February but it was very light and short not at all like it normally is. No period in March and Im 30+ days late now. Im sleeping all the time keep getting a cold/sinus infection over an over again and have had a pinkish spotting similar to implantation bleeding for one day in March (also had this in January) I just dont know what to think. My family keeps telling me they dont think I am but Idk...if so this would be my first

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    Since things have been so irregular for you for several months I would go back to the doctor. I don't really think that you are pregnant but if your last blood test was in January another one to rule out pregnancy as the cause for the latest delay would be a good idea. There are several things that can cause irregular periods many of which can be treated.
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