Hi there,
I am going to list off everything that has been going on, and if you could just let me know if you think I should still be cautious of pregnancy, that'd be great!
My birth control pill is a mini pill, which I found out I have been taking incorrectly for the last 6 months.
My boobs are really sore and growing! I got measured and I've grown an entire cup size.
I went on a trip and was incredibly nauseous on the plane. I've never been nauseous on a plane before, and the flight was smooth not choppy. Since I had it in the back of my mind from my boobs growing, I googled flying in the first trimester. Google told me that it was safe for baby but my pregnancy symptoms would escalate, like morning sickness.
When I returned home, I took a pregnancy test that came out Negative.
I still just felt as if my body was different and went to the doctor a day later for blood test. Negative.
I put the idea of pregnancy to rest.
I have been experiencing dry mouth at night for the last week. Nothing has changed otherwise. I googled this, and up pops a pregnancy forum with women commenting on how awful their dry mouth is.
Should I still be exploring this? Or am I just being excited?