Help me with this. I don't know anyone who homeschools their children. DD's best friend from school wont be returning next year, and they will be doing homeschool. They have children the exact same age as ours. My concern is this- the mother's children don't listen to her. She asks them to stop running, they run faster. Asks them to come here, they run away. They are good children, just not a lot of discipline. When I say "discipline", I don't mean spanking in general, I just mean the kids run wild. THEY are the ones who decide when, what, where, and who. Not the mother. (Not trying to cause a stirrup with discipline). But is this a realistic expectation that she will be able to homeschool her children?

There are a few things over this past school year that led me to consider homeschooling. I just don't know if I'm fit for it. We are very structured at home. Breakfast together, lunch together, playtime, dinner together, etc. We are pretty strict parents, but have lots of fun with excursions, crafts, movie nights, etc. I just want my children to get the best education they can. Kids will be kids, and when they don't listen, I can't help but think will they take me seriously as their teacher?

Another concern is social skills. Has anyone found their child to be more shy/reserved after homeschooling?

Sorry for all the questions, I really have no idea what to expect. Thanks!