Hi ladies,

I have suspected that I am pregnant for almost a month now. I believe I experienced implantation bleeding March 15th-18th because it was nothing like a normal period for me:
- started about a week before my period should have started
- was much lighter
- was not consistent bleeding (only bled about twice per day)
- did not need to use a tampon (didn't bleed enough to fill one over an entire day)

I took a FRER (First Response Early Result) on March 15th and got a pretty strong positive. I also started having symptoms when the bleeding started, only a couple at first but gradually more and more. Here is a list of the symptoms I've had listed in order of approximate first appearance:
- missed period
- fatigue
- back aches
- cramps
- rash (never had one before that I remember; it came out of nowhere and was all over my arms and legs)
- bloating
- lightheadedness
- bad gas
- nausea
- mood swings
- visible veins on my breasts
- tender breasts

I saw an OB/GYN March 18th (last day I bled) and their urine test was negative. She performed an ultrasound but if the spotting was in fact implantation bleeding, it was too early to see anything. I told her I had a positive hpt and about all of my symptoms (about 5 at the time), but she just kind of brushed off my concerns and didn't think I was pregnant. She did find that I have an ovarian cyst but it is the only size of a small marble. After doing research, I've read that cysts don't cause symptoms except for pain when they are big enough. I also asked the FRER hotline about it and she said medications that contain HCG are the likely reason to get a false positive.

Now here's where it gets confusing. I had a quantitative HCG blood test done April 2nd. The doctor called me back and said that the test was negative. I called them back a week later to ask what the number was, and they said less than 1.

Then I took another FRER four days ago (April 9), and got a faint, partial positive line. I wasn't sure how to interpret this result so I called the First Response hotline. They said that any (pink) line is considered to be a positive result. The only explanation they offered for why it was part of a line is that my urine could have been too dilute. This is likely since I drink a lot and I took the test at 6PM.

So....this point I'm really frustrated and confused. How can I get a positive result from the HPT when my HCG level is supposed to be <1?? I read somewhere that HCG levels are supposed to be higher in your blood, so how can this happen?

The only explanations I can think of for why I got a positive HPT after the negative beta is that I either had an early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy and still have residual HCG in my urine but none in my blood (a month later when I was only 4 or 5 weeks along...I highly doubt that) OR that I miscarried/had a chemical pregnancy on March 15th and conceived soon afterwards which would mean the positive I got April 9th is indicating a new pregnancy. My plan right now is to see if I get my period this month (which I highly doubt I will) and if I don't, I will take a couple more tests to see if I can get yet another positive.

Has anyone had an early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy during which they just spotted for a few days? My bleeding never got heavy, and I experienced only mild cramps. If any of you ladies have had a similar experience with conflicting results, or know someone who has, I would really appreciate any advice or insight you can offer.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!
- Katie