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Thread: My 5.5 DD is ALWAYS hungry!

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    Default My 5.5 DD is ALWAYS hungry!

    Normal? It seems like this girl is always eating lol. She's very fit, not over weight at all, but MAN can this girl eat. Last night she had two huge bowls of spaghetti (her favorite like me), this morning had 1.5 waffles, scrambled eggs, yogurt and then tells me shes hungry again. Bottomless pit!! I feel like I'm big grocery shopping once a week instead of twice a week like it used to be!

    Growth spurt?
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    My 3.5 year old is really packing it away right now, too. She eats at least three times as much as she used at each meal and is always hungry. She's eating two breakfasts and a snack before lunch. She is also back to napping each afternoon and says that her legs hurt and that she doesn't like growing tall because it hurts. So, we're pretty sure that she is in a growth spurt.
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    My nephew is like that. He'll have his meal, then eat the meal of whoever else is eating, then eat fruits, then some cheese, then some yogurt, then some milk... and is not chubby AT ALL.

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    Mine is like that, too. She eats more pancakes for breakfast than my 240-lb husband. And then she's hungry a few hours later. On the other hand, she's always been like this--it's not a sudden thing. She's slender, but also goes nonstop from the moment her eyes open until she flings herself into bed at night. And even when she's asleep, she wanders all over the bed. She has started jumping rope lately, and loves it, and is trying to do it all the time. I have to make her put the jump rope down when she brushes her teeth. I think she burns a zillion calories a day.

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    DS almost 5.5 is like this too. He can eat and eat and eat. And he's the skinniest in the family!

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