Hi ladies, it has been a while since I was on here. DH and I have spent the last two years getting healthy. I have lost 200 lbs and DH lost 165 lbs. We found an amazing RE office after leaving an office we didn't trust. So our plan is to do 3 IUI's and if that doesn't take, then one IVF.

So I went in to RE office yesterday CD 11 and they found three strong follicles...1- 20mm, 1- 19 mm, and 1- 17 mm. All on my left side. I took 50 mg clomid and I trigger tonight. I have not got my +opk yet, but I always get it by this evening. The dr is trying to get me in right before I ovulate to deliver the sperm right up to the Fallopian tube.

I am just wondering if anyone can give me any positive thoughts. I feel like I have read so much about ladies who were unsuccessful with IUI. Oh also, DH did come back with low morphology 2.5% on last SA. Thanks ladies!!