The dog has a habit of chewing on pencils and leaving bits of chewed wood on the floor. Scharae takes pencils to bed with her to underline words in her books she's not sure about and sometimes they fall under the bed where the dog often sleeps. The past week or two there has been a lot of chewed up wood on the floor of their room every morning and I've been blaming it on the dog, vacuuming, and reminding the girls pencils can't be on the floor.

Tonight I discovered it's Scharae. Eating her bunk bed. She is doing it awake a little, like her and Keira will do their few minutes of nighttime chatting after lights out and while K is talking Scharae rests her chin on the rail of the bed and eventually is scraping her teeth on it (she's VERY orally stimulated still, at almost 7). But the bulk of this is happening while she's asleep. She sleeps really heavy, but restlessly. I've put fabric around the rails in the past (she used to scrape her teeth on the bed when she was around 3/4) and she is such a tosser and turner she just ends up getting it off and chewing during the night anyhow I guess. I'd been redoing the fabric every morning without really thinking about the wood connection. I don't think she's swallowing it...much anyhow. But seriously...the bed looks horrid and I don't know how I missed it!