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Thread: could i be pregnant?

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    Default could i be pregnant?

    My boyfriend and I are not really trying, but I havent gotten any answers yet I am on the depo and got the first shot in feb. Ive been on it before so i know how My body reacts. I was on antibiotics and had unprotected sex twice last weekend on Sunday with My bf. I am not supposed to have My period until the last week in April or the first week in may. Ive had some nusea, back aches, and tenderness on My abdomen. im also moody as crap.Since the end of the dayy yesterday, ive had some pinkish discharge. Like a very light period, and im thinkin it could be the implantation bleeding n it looks like Its going to be done by the end of the day tomorrow.Idk. And I want to take a test asap just so i can be sure. When can i do that? Could I be pregnant?

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    Sorry, I'm not that familiar with depoprovera, so it could be that the antibiotics inhibited the effectiveness--since you're not expecting your period for another 3ish weeks does that mean your period was in the last week? If not, when was your last period?

    Try taking a pregnancy test, you can do it anytime and I think it would really ease your mind.

    I hope you get answers soon!
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    If you had sex last weekend it would still be too early to tell. I would wait a week and then test .

    Your symptoms today could be ovulation or break through bleeding...taking meds that interfere with bc can make the body wonky for a while. If you get a + pg test or don't get your period when expected but still getting neg tests call your dr. In the meantime if you would prefer not to get pg use protection until you talk with your dr just in case the shot is still not protective

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