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    I have been struggling with getting a good skin care regimen down that works for me and doesn't cause breakouts. Im currently 25 weeks and my acne started to flare up maybe around 9 weeks or so. Prior to pregnancy I had very clear skin, only some blemishes once in a while. Currently, I use an oil free face wash twice a day, an alcohol free toner and finish with moisturizer that won't clog my pores. This seems to keep things generally under control without being too weak or too harsh for my skin. Yet, I will still get a pop up blemish or if I cant resist the urge to pick at them (which I know I shouldnt do), of course that makes it worse >:[. I will use benzoyl peroxide or salyicic acid sometimes to spot treat. I know there are mixed emotions about these products during pregnancy, but I got in contact with the March of Dimes and they said most of that stuff is absorbed into your skin in such small amounts by the time it gets to your baby (if any) is so little, there probably will be no harm done at all. Generally, those products help somewhat, but I think my skin is really stubborn because they definitely dont work as good as they did prior to pregnancy. Recently, I had a bad breakout and couldnt resist popping them, so it made it worse of course. Its starting to finally get under control and I have been using 10% benzoyl peroxide to spot treat and it seems to be tackling the stubborn pimples for the most part. I know my skin should probably go back to normal after I deliver, but has anyone else experienced this?! It can be so frustrating and makes me not want to go out sometimes!

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    I had the opposite issue, I had terrible skin before my pregnancy and now my skin has never looked better. I hope your acne goes away after the baby and mine never comes back lol. Sorry I'm not any help! It's just my personal choice that I would never use any acne medication during pregnancy, but a pharmacist might be able to give you a better idea of what will work/is safe.

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    Lucky! Well Im glad you are having a better experience, but Im hopeful it will all return to normal for me after Im not a huge fan of having to use acne medication right now, but I definitely would like to stop spot treating once it clears up better (which it is) because it dries your skin out too. It was just stressing me out to the point where I needed some major intervention lol.

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    You should look into amalou skin....its worked wonders for my skin and there are a lot of quotes from other moms its help on the site. Was created by moms who had skin issues when they were pregnant so they developed the line with ingredients that are safe to use when pregnant. Hope that suggestion helps!!

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    If you're looking for spot control, toothpaste (paste, not gel) put on it overnight works wonders. And I've never heard of someone being told to avoid toothpaste in pregnancy
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