Are any of you in a relationship with someone of a different faith? Jason and I are both Christian, however I am Protestant and he is Catholic. We agreed to raise the baby both and then have him/her decide when they get older as to which faith fits them best. I agreed to have the baby baptized because that's important to him and his family, in my faith we do baptism after you are saved. I agreed to alternating Sundays but stated that I wouldn't remind him or wake him to go to church on his Sundays. I said it's his responsibility. It's also his responsibility to set up the baptism, CCD classes, and whatever else needs to be done for his religion. One of the things that bothers me is that he doesn't believe in salvation. He believes attending church, giving money, and be a good person gets you to heaven. I believe that while those are great things, they aren't getting you anywhere without salvation. He has made comments that my church is a cult b/c at every service they ask people if they are saved and try to encourage those that are not. I attend a non-denominational Bible church. He thinks its odd that we read straight from the Bible and that even having a Bible is ridiculous b/c that's the priests job to teach you and the Catholic church has special books to read from. I am willing to allow a lot of his faith into the baby's life but I'm worried he's going to crush my religion.