I know this has come up in the forums over the many years I've been around here, but other than the name and a brief description of what it is, I couldn't have told you anything else about it. Fast forward to today, when I received a call from my doctor's office telling me that they reviewed my u/s from last week and baby looks great (yay!) but I have a bit of placenta previa going on (boo!). It's not covering the cervix but is very close, so they'll do a follow-up u/s at 28 weeks.

So of course I google this. I learned that if the placenta doesn't move on its own--which in many cases I guess it actually does and everything is a-ok--a c-section is necessary. And this terrifies me. The idea of surgery terrifies me. And recovery. And most of all, not being able to deliver my baby vaginally.

I guess my question is to those who have had this: did the placenta move to a better position? If it didn't what kinds of things did you need to do?

I probably shouldn't worry about it yet since things may resolve on their own, but I can't help it!