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Thread: Heart murmur and slow weight gain

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    So, I took Libby in to see the Doc today for her fever over the weekend (which finally broke last night). Turns out that she probably just had a virus that had to run its course, and paired with teething, it just made her flat-out miserable. Anyway, while we were there, the Doc (regular Pedi’s partner) noticed that she has a heart murmur. Our regular Pedi also noticed it a while back, but today the Doc seemed much more concerned since she’s been a “slow grower” also. She noted the murmur, and asked me to talk to her regular Pedi in a couple of weeks at her 1-year check. Do any of you have any experience with the two being linked or what this all really means? I really don’t want to ask Dr. Google, because I don’t want to read all of the horror stories, especially if this is just something incredibly minor that she’ll outgrow.


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    My oldest was born with a heart murmur that she had until she was 2 and she was always on the top of the growth charts so I am not convinced the two are linked but it could also depend on where the murmur is located at and a number of other things.

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    my 4 year old has one. They call it an Innocent Murmur. She has had it since birth and they expect that she will out grow it at some point. They did tell me that if she has a fever it is going to sound worse than what it would normally sound so keep that in your mind as well.

    if your doc never made a big deal of it, i would not associate it with other things or even take the time to worry or google it. Lots of kids/people have murmurs that mean nothing and if they have not sent her for additional testing yet, I would think your are safe to say it is also an innocent one with little to be worried about!

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    5 of my 6 children had heart murmurs, detected at birth. All had cardio work ups, yearly echos done the first few years, and all closed on their owwn by the time they were 5ish. My youngest is 20m and her murmur is still "very loud" according to the pedi at her last appt. She'll have another cariologist visit and echo done in the next few months, but its hard for me to worry when everyone elses has closed just fine on their own.

    Is your baby lethargic? Or ever get blue lips? Those are the things they always ask me, as well as commenting on weight gain. All my kids are small and slow gainers, but I don't believe there has been a link to the murmur.

    Sometimes when they grow a vessel will get "bent" at an angle which makes a noise as the blood flows through it, and as the heart catches up the noise goes away. A couple of mine have had that happen in addition to the ASD that caused the original murmur, and we never would have known if they hadn't had regular echos. If the murmur wasn't present at birth there is a good chance that is what happening here.

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    I had a heart murmur as a child, too, and I was a slow grower as well. However, if I remember right from what my mother told me, the doctors then associated the heart murmur with anemia that I also had and I did outgrow it. Small stature/slow growth seems to run in my family, however, as I had one aunt who only reached a height of 4'11" and a sister, myself, a niece, and both of my own daughters are all right around 5' -- I think my sister might be 5'1".
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    Thanks for all of the information, ladies, and for sharing your experiences. I also have a heart murmur due to mitral valve prolapse. I also had a small hole in my heart that I did eventually outgrow, but it caused the blue tinge around my mouth, lips, and nail beds. I also was a scrawny little thing as a toddler/child (but a HUGE baby?), and tired/sweat easily. I don't notice fatiguing with Libby, but I do notice the blue tinge...only when she's cold (like, right after a bath), though.

    My side is very Mom is only 4'11", maternal grandmother 5', and I'm 5'3" on a tall day. So, it is possible that DD is just going to be petite as well. At this point, I'm not really overly concerned, but I just guess I never realized that heart issues were linked with slow growth. I never really had a need to research it! The Doc yesterday suggested doing an echo, and at this point if her Pedi agrees (and actually, even if he doesn't) I think it's a good idea just to make sure there isn't something going on. I'm hopeful there isn't, but better safe than sorry!

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    The echo is completly non invasive, its just an ultrasound of the heart, so really no reason not to do it for peace of mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by runningmomofmany View Post
    The echo is completly non invasive, its just an ultrasound of the heart, so really no reason not to do it for peace of mind.
    Yup, the echo is completely non-stressful for the baby. My DD had one done when she was about 12 mths and it went very smoothly.

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    My son has one of those inocent murmurs, my cousin who is a pediatric cardiologyst did the eco and found nothing wrong. She did mention that those murmurs were more common on skinny kids... can't remember exactly why.

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