View Poll Results: Are you and DH on the same page (today) about having a child/more kids/beingdone ?

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  • Yes...we totally agree we are done

    34 45.33%
  • No he wants more kids and I am done

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  • No, I want more kids and he is done

    16 21.33%
  • other

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Thread: Are you and your DH on the same page (today) about having more kids/not havngi more?

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    I thought we were on the same page until last weekend when he said he'd like another in a year to two. I'm still on the fence. I would love another one but pregnancy is super hard on me and I'm not totally sure if I want to start all over again with toddler hood
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    I voted Other. There was no option on the poll for both being on the same page and both wanting one more.

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    We disagree but I think we could work it out. I want at least one more, DH is probably done but isn't 100% decided.

    I don't want more for at least a couple of years so we'll see how we feel then.
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    When I was pregnant with Natalie, we both really wanted another. But when it came time to TTC again, I started to realize I wasn't sure if I wanted another or not. I'm turning 40 this year, have a lot of trouble getting pregnant and especially with seeing how independent Abbie is getting as she is about to turn 6, I'm not sure I want to start all over again. DH is also kind of torn at this point about having another so I guess we are sort of on the same page. I sort of feel ok with being done but yet am afraid I'll regret not trying for another down the road. Part of me is sad I most likely won't get to raise a boy but then I also know having another boy wouldn't take away the pain of losing Tyler either.

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