I voted no, for now. DH is always done, then changes his mind, lol. He was done after DS1, but once he was sleeping through the night and things got to be "normal" DH was ok with having a second. He was done after Ds2, but eventually decided he wanted a third but wanted to having a bigger gap between them-DS1 and DS2 are just under 2 years apart. But we got pregnant and are expecting DS3 in August. He is swearing up and down that he is done and doesn't even want to talk about more. I think he is just caught off guard with this pregnancy and will follow his previous pattern and want another after a while, but we'll see. I'd like one more, but would like to take a longer break. Having 3 kids 3 and under scares me a little, so I'd like to wait before bringing another one into the mix.