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Thread: Stomach Bug -- YUCK!

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    So Katie has now come down with a stomach bug. She's had severe diarrhea ever since she got home this afternoon. It is SO bad. We've put her back into pull-ups for now because she just can't control it at the moment. My whole downstairs reeks!

    Nathan has had some pretty nasty diapers for about five days now, but we thought maybe his lactose intolerance had come back -- very watery, green stools, but he otherwise is acting completely normal. With Katie having it now, I'm guessing it's a stomach bug. I just hope I don't get it. I tend to get whatever Katie has, though, for some odd reason. Not so much what Nathan gets, but mostly what Katie gets.
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    Sounds like what we just had. Its been going around everywhere. Lasts 3-8 days. May have fever and throwing up depending on the kid. I've heard of a few adults getting it, but is usually not as bad. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. Its no fun.

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    3-8 days!!!!??? Good grief! Well, I guess Erin won't be going to work for a couple days. I already have assignments to keep me busy all week, and I cannot take off to take care of the kids.
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    Sounds like what we had 2 weeks ago. My youngest (2) got the worst. 5 straight days of straight water diarrhea (every 10 minutes the entire time she was awake - poor girl was a wreck) and then 2 more days of really loose stool. She threw up twice, and had a slight fever the first day.

    My older child (almost 4) only had one day where he threw up a few times, and didn't eat for 2 days, but no other symptoms. I caught it and threw up once, and felt mostly better just couldn't eat much for several days. And DH only felt mildly ill off an on for a couple days, but mostly didn't catch it. It's a nasty one.


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    Yep, we had it too. My toddler had the terrible diarrhea from Wednesday to Tuesday. She threw up once on Sunday. I got it and threw up once, slept all day and was fine the next day. No one else got it. Pretty much everyone I've known to get it only the couple youngest kids in the family got it and I'm the only adult who did. Which is odd because I haven't thrown up from a stomach virus in about 20yrs. I threw up during my first pregnancy 19yrs ago, and not again until pregnant with my youngest 2yrs ago. So it was kind of a big deal for me

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    Oh no! I hope they're both better soon, and that you don't get it!

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