So today I decided to call the GAL. I figured he would have more info than anyone else from the legal side of it all and thankfully I was right.

I asked about mom and he said she isn't doing well at all and is still living in her own world. It's been three months now of her case plan and she's done nothing and has been unable to really, with the state she's in. He then mentioned something I never expected to hear. He mentioned permanency, and said he thought we were moving in that direction now, possibly at court in 3 weeks. Now...I'm still not completely sure what that means but I know it could be good for us and that it's a step or it can be anyway, in the direction of TPR and adoption.

I asked about the petitions, and he said that the one lady would be dismissed more than likely, and the one we've been concerned about hasn't done anything to anyone's knowledge. He said he could check the records tomorrow and see if anything has changed there but he believes that once they met DH and I that they changed their minds and decided maybe this wasn't such a good idea. They also seem to be aware that we don't want to ever stand in the way of baby girl knowing her bio family in any way and that seems to be a comfort to them and apparently also looks good to the state. He said he didn't think they would ever finish the petition and it would probably be dismissed as well since they've already been granted one continuance and haven't done anything. They could get another continuance but he doesn't think it'll change anything.

Also DNA is in and he is the father. We were told no one could tell us that but I didn't even ask GAL and he told me all by himself. Lol. Should have called him sooner I guess. He said he'll get a chance to state his intentions in court and the findings of the test will need to be entered into record but he seemed to think even if dad decides he wants to do something and step up it may not make much of a difference. From what I've heard, and I don't know if it's true, this guy is a real piece of work and used mom horribly. Personally, I think anyone who could "be" with her in the mental state she's in if they don't have mental issues themselves is not a good person at all. She's easily taken advantage of, and it's just so sad.

So, with that said, anything could still happen I'm sure but it does sound like this case is moving away from the original goal whether it happens now or in 3 months at the foster care review. I'm nervous about court and about what will happen with dad but much less nervous about the rest of it. At least I found someone who seems to be on top of it.

We're just praying every day that this little darling gets to stay with us. I'd better get off here now and I've got to get her to the doc for her first appt as a sick baby. Coughing her poor head off. I hate to wake her up to take her, but we can have big snuggles when we get home at least.