He just wants to nurse so often throughout the day. It's not as easy for me now that he is bigger because I cannot do it while carrying him around. He often just pops on and off, only nursing for minutes at a time. I have other children here during the mornings and we are so busy! He says, "Mama, nurse?" when he wants to and I have just recently started telling him that nursing is for night night and he will say ok but then ask again a few minutes later. Sometimes I can distract him with another activity but not always in which case he will become increasingly upset until I go ahead and nurse him. I know that's not a great strategy since I don't normally change my mind about things when my toddler starts screaming and yelling at me but I also don't want to make this a negative thing. I also have tried offering food but that only works randomly. I am not trying to be done, just to cut down the 1o+ times a day!