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Thread: Looking for suggestions on cutting down nursing sessions for 26 mos old

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    Default Looking for suggestions on cutting down nursing sessions for 26 mos old

    He just wants to nurse so often throughout the day. It's not as easy for me now that he is bigger because I cannot do it while carrying him around. He often just pops on and off, only nursing for minutes at a time. I have other children here during the mornings and we are so busy! He says, "Mama, nurse?" when he wants to and I have just recently started telling him that nursing is for night night and he will say ok but then ask again a few minutes later. Sometimes I can distract him with another activity but not always in which case he will become increasingly upset until I go ahead and nurse him. I know that's not a great strategy since I don't normally change my mind about things when my toddler starts screaming and yelling at me but I also don't want to make this a negative thing. I also have tried offering food but that only works randomly. I am not trying to be done, just to cut down the 1o+ times a day!

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    Ack! He is 26 months old, not 36.

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    I wish I had a good suggestion for you! Jude was just like that... maybe worse! He wanted it all the time, day and night... I couldn't sit down with out him being all over me. I obviously couldn't just sit and nurse him all day so this would result in him whining at me all the time and seeming unhappy if I was around and not nursing him. It occured to me that neither of us were happy with our nursing situation. I tried to just cut him down to 3 times a day.. he was mad but distractable until the first time I would nurse him during the day then nothing would distract him and he would want it all day long and I would give in because he seemed so upset and I didn't want weaning to be harsh on him. I finally realized for him it was a all or nothing sort of deal. He did fine with out me nursing him all day for one day, but then after nursing him that night he was back to screaming for it all day. So the next day I tried not nursing him all day and all night.... He cried but I was right there laying with him and comforting him. Every time he asked for it at night I would tell him that the milk was sleeping... during the day I said it was all gone... it took 3 bad nights for him to stop asking and crying for it (but by bad it wasn't that bad.. he wouldn't cry for more then 15 minuets before going to sleep or back to sleep.), and he seemed to adjust to the the whole thing sooo much better once there was no more confusion about whether he could have it or not. It was like he just didn't get the idea of I can have it sometimes but not all the time... he took soooo much easier to full weaning then partial weaning. It was sad because I really wasn't ready or planning to do it when I did, it just worked out that way.

    Anyway I don't if that really applies to your situation but I just thought I'd share what I went through since I went through something similar. Jude was also 26 months when all this went down. I wish I could be more helpful, I remember how overwhelmed I felt with the situation at the time. Hopefully some one can offer more helpful advice.

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    Yeah, I sort of feel like it's going to be all our nothing for him too. There is no possible way I could handle him crying for 15 minutes at night and I could see him going longer. He is such a sensitive child. Sensitive and intense! And as far as him crying for it all day, can't do that either. Keeping Sawyer content is priority one for all of us because if he's not, we all suffer lol.

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    Yeah,15 minuets is brutal! It felt like forever!.. I only went through with it because I knew it was really what was best (for us and our situation)... he was always whining and crying when he still nursing (you know, because the million times a day he was getting it was obviously not enough), literally following me around the house when I was cleaning and stuff... Also it was really starting to get to Paige that every time I sat down he was all over me and anytime I was doing something with her he was always coming over to nurse and she would get very jealous and said so on many occasions. So I just felt, for us, the temporary misery of the weaning process would be worth it... and it was.. It only took a few days and he was much much less whinny and cry-ey and just an overall happy guy (which you wouldn't really say about him before) . It was also nice to be able to have him just snuggle with me (I think that took more then just a couple days a week?). Anyway that was for us.. I'm happy we did it, but sad at the same time since it was not really how I had pictured it going down. He might have outgrown the crying and needing it all the time when he got more verbal if I had given him the time... Maybe that's what Sawyer will do.

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    Thank you so much for your advice. Perhaps I will consider something like that if my half assed attempts don't work. lol
    I'm hoping with the nicer weather maybe he will stay busy outside and forget about me!

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    I have one that's about that age. She asks A LOT - way more than my older daughter did, like she wants to nurse more than the baby sometimes - and she gets mad if I tell her no sometimes. Nursing (if they aren't actually starving) is like everything else though. They just have to learn that sometimes they can have it and sometimes they can't. You wouldn't give them sugar/candy or brand new toys every time they asked just because they might whine if you didn't. When Kimber asks if I have to say no I'll try to tell her why (I'm doing chores, one of the other kids needs me, etc) and when it might be her turn. If I really think she's hungry/thirsty I will offer her something else to get her through. If she asking because she got hurt (she still nurses for comfort a lot) I might say I can sit with her for a couple minutes then I have to finish what I'm doing. Even still she gets mad and whines at me sometimes because she's 2 and that's what 2 year olds will naturally do, but that doesn't change that I have 3 other kids and a house to run any more than when they whine or get mad about other things. She gets reprimanded for temper tantrums about nursing just like she would about anything else - typically go to your room till you're ready to act like a big girl and (if she doesn't just stop crying instantly) she comes out on her own when she's done crying. I love getting to still nurse my toddlers and am always sad to see it end, but I can't let it rule our lives. I'm a little concerned that your biggest priority seems to be just keeping him content by giving him whatever he wants instead of teaching him appropriate behavior and responses. I know how hectic life can be with a house full of kids. Short term it can seem far easier just to wait on them and give them whatever they want, but long term you are going to be way better off to take the time to use this as a learning/behavior tool than to just keep giving in all the time or take it away all together. If you take it away he'll probably just start demanding something else and things will likely only get worse. I hope you can find a way to make things work for you and your family.

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    Thanks for the advice. You don't have to be concerned about us. We spend a lot of time on encouraging appropriate behavior and it's not a big issue with him in most cases. It's the nursing that is hard for him and having him cry all day would be very difficult for everyone. I think we just have different styles and that is fine, I still appreciate the advice!

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    Bridget, is he getting his 2yr molars? Shiloh nursed *constantly* while teething, if she was sick, or just coming down from a sickness (up to a week or two).

    I think you're right, as the weather improves he'll get distracted and nurse less . In the meantime though maybe try picking him up to nurse at regular those needs before he starts feeling anxious and wanting to nurse. Obviously there will be other times like when he gets hurt, sick, or frightened but maybe keeping it consistent will help him feel secure that nursing time with mama will happen? Eventually you could gradually drop a session or lengthen the time between them. I don't know if routine works well for you or not but figured I'd suggest it.

    Shiloh will be 3yrs old on the 8th and still nurses once or twice per week...she eventually just turned a corner on her own sometime late last summer, she was a nursing fiend up to that point ! I hope Sawyer does the same thing soon!!
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    I just night weaned DS a few months back, and oddly enough that changed his day time nursing (the first couple after - MUCH more, and then now...MUCH less)?

    I have started to distract him or say not right now (it is incredibly painful for me being pregnant), and that often works. One thing I notice is that it is really his call for attention or comfort more than anything, so I can often supply that need with playing trains/cars or reading a book instead.

    Good luck - KUP!

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