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Thread: What pump should I buy?

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    Default What pump should I buy?

    I already have the double electric Lansinoh and it was fine, but sometimes has a little trouble as it's 5 years old.

    I keep hearing that insurance will pay for one...what is your experience with this?

    What is your favorite pump?

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    How often do you plan on pumping? Maybe your current pump just needs new parts?

    Eta: insurance paid for my hospital grade rental pump for as long as I needed it because i've had breast augmentation. So just tell them you had a boob job ;)
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    I've been exclusively pumping for over 6 months now (at this point about 5 times a day) and have been using a Medela PISA. I love it, its been great! I definitely recommend it! I don't have any experience with insurance as my DH is military and TriCare doesn't cover them at all.

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    Not sure how much I will pump, but I will only work part time. My current pump's motor will pause mid-action, so it's not a parts issue (well, maybe motor parts...), it doesn't make it useless, just annoying. I figured if I could get a new one, I would!

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    Oh! And I would LOVE to be able to leave one pump (new one) at my job, and then keep old one at home for those times when I pump at home.

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    I used the medela PISA too and I liked it. It might be too much if you only work PT though.

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    I rented the hospital grade Medela Symphony to use at home and overnights when I was getting up to pump (DS sttn early on and I needed the milk), and used my Medela Freestyle to take to work because it was easier to pack and go. I think I did 4 months of the rental, starting when DS was about 6 weeks old.
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