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    Hi everyone. So I have been on a perfect 35 day cycle for many years. My LMP was on 2/7/13 so I'm about 2.5 weeks late for my period. The week i was supposed to get It, i kept having clear CM. Its as if my period came, but it didnt. When I went to see the doctor she took a urine and blood test that both came out negative. Last night I felt cramping on both sides, stronger on the left side... And today even stronger abdominal cramps... No sign of my period coming at all and I'm almost to my 2nd missed cycle. I took another hpt today and it still came out negative. Anyone have any idea what's good on?

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    I would definitely call your doctor and ask to have some blood work done. good luck and keep us posted.
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    I agree. I'd head back to the doc to have some testing done.
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