Hi. I've been having a few symptoms of pregnancy. I feel tired all the time (so tired I have to take naps during the day at school and I've even been going to sleep earlier but am still super tired), I have headaches that my doctor prescribed medication won't treat, I've had no appetite because I feel nauseous all the time, my breasts are slightly sore and the areolas are a little darker than usual. Also, I read constipation was a sign of pregnancy and I've been constipated for a couple days now (tmi I know). My boyfriend and I had sex a few weeks ago. I've been on the pill but occasionally don't take it at the exact same time every day though I do take it every day. I've been having cramps as well. I took a pregnancy test about a week before I was supposed to start my period and it was negative but I'm thinking it could have been too soon to detect the pregnancy hormone. I've also been extremely emotional (not sure if that's a symptom or not but I cry at every little thing which is completely unlike me). I had spotting before my period was supposed to come then had a light period. My boyfriend and I had sex again then and my period was really heavy for two days and then stopped. I haven't taken another test yet, but is it possible that with all these symptoms I could be pregnant?