I swear I've had such a hard time understanding the petitions and visitation with them and all of that. We've had two home visits this week and when I asked how the case was going there's not much to say.

Looks as though mom is doing worse than ever. I have no idea what she needs to do in order to get visitation back but she had her appt. with the Psychiatrist last week and we haven't heard a word about it being changed so I'm assuming it hasn't been. She's convinced we have other foster kids and that's why we bring the wrong child and wrong pics to her. When they tell her that baby girl is our only foster child and the only one we've ever had, she tells them that she has out of body experiences where she can come to our house and that she's been here and seen us with our other kids. She also thinks she's not spending a lot of time in her body. They said she looks down at her feet and says they aren't hers and talks about vanishing scars and birthmarks or something. She also has mentioned not wanting baby girl to be around her sometimes because she's afraid "they" (the voices) will hurt her. So...doesn't sound promising at the moment. I'll be scared if they give visitation back knowing what kind of mind set she is in.

Anyway, about the petitions. I asked our CASA advocate what was going on with that and she said that she has gotten no info from anyone. Either there isn't any to give, meaning that the people filing have done nothing, or DSS is just being difficult to communicate with and she's not able to get the info from them that they have. She said she asked about it again this week and they told her "it's the same". She said she has no idea what that means, but that the petition that we're worried about (grandmother of oldest sibling) she had no info on and didn't even know it existed until we told her. They're required to give her any info they have so she can make a report for court and either they haven't done that or there's been nothing to give her. I hope it's the latter and that the lady decides not to try. She's older and has taken care of a million kids and I think it's time to just let it go but...not my choice to make.

Today we had visitation. It's every other week for the petitioners. They both missed the first one. No call, no show. They started showing up every other week after that, but this week the one we're concerned about didn't show up. The other lady told me she wasn't coming so I don't know if there was a good reason, but we had already had to reschedule it twice. I had the flu last week and tried to schedule it for the end of the week. We had it scheduled and she said she couldn't do it then so we schedule it for this week (normally an off week) and she still didn't come. Anyone have any clue how seriously they take this? Seems to me a court ordered visitation should be taken pretty seriously unless there's a family emergency or something. They made it sound more like she was busy and couldn't make it. It's hard for me to understand how someone can commit to a child for the next 18 years when they can't commit to an hour every other week for visitation now.

I hope this is all taken into account. We were told if nothing changed in the next week or so, the recommendation will be for her to stay in foster care. With the info they have now, they say there's no reason for her to go anywhere. I hope it stays this way. We love our little sweetie and I've been a nervous wreck about court coming up.