Just curious. Since we're expecting #3 this summer, I initially panicked about space but have come to realize that with a little organization, I think we can do this comfortably. We have a total of just under 1,200 sq ft. We also have plans to build a shed this spring, which will allow us to move stuff from the garage to the shed, which in turn will give us more garage space (with creative storage) to move stuff from the basement to the garage.

Our house is a bi-level with 3 bedrooms and a half-basement (other half houses the garage). The girls share a room and the third bedroom is currently office space. We plan on moving our office desks downstairs, which will merge office space with our current music room/family room/toy space.

I guess my concern isn't immediate, but as the kids get bigger. I hope we can live comfortably in our home as we really love our location/specific location/neighbors. We like the house, too, although it would be nice to have a bit more room. We are talking about adding on in a few years, which would then give us more dining space plus maybe office space or additional seating.

If you have a smaller home and a few kiddos, how do you make things work? What about privacy as they get older? Do you think living in a smaller space = cozier, closer siblings/families?