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    So, we may be going to Europe (UK) in July right after Ben turns 1. United Kingdom measles rates scare me (2000+ cases last year). I was originally planning to delay the MMR for him until he is 2.

    Would you give your child the shot at 12 months instead seeing that he may be exposed or not?

    When did your child get MMR? I think the range is 12-15 months? Did your child have any reactions to the shot that was done on the early end of the range?


    Update: The plot thickens... The only time we can get affordable tickets is prior to his first birthday when he would be 11 months... I called our pedi and she isn't recommending the MMR vaccine before 12 months and said it's fine to go without it... What do you guys think? I am tried of wrecking my brain about it... URGH!
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    I had DS vaccinated for both MMR and Chicken pox before we went to Europe. He was just about to turn 2 and we did 2 separate shots. I grew up in Europe and I have horrible memories of my own chicken pox (I still have scars to prove it). If we were not travelling, I would have waited to vax later (maybe never). But I also have a SIL in Europe who never developed an immunity to chicken pox and gets it every other year (she is 48 yo). DS had no reaction to either shot. I had him vaxed before DD was born (I was in my last trimester) because I have immunity to the diseases and I felt that the risk of vaccinating him was lower while I was pregnant than with a newborn (on the extremelly odd chance than that he could become contagious).

    For what it is worth, DS was 3 months old during his first trip to Europe and DD was 3 months as well. Obviously at that time they were not vaxed for MMR or Chicken pox and they were fine.

    As for our background (just so that you know where we are coming from), we are pro-vax but on a delayed, one at a time schedule. DS is up to date on all shots but we are not vaxing right now as he has been diagnosed with autism last year and our Dr recommended we do not vax at this point. I do not think that there was any link between his diagnosis and vaccines specifically, however, we do not want to add any further load on his immune system.

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    Absolutely yes I would give the vaccine. If you are worried about the vaccine you should be REALLY worried about the actual illness, and UK measles rates absolutely should scare you.

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    My DS hasn't had it yet, because he's only about to be 6 months old, so he's not old enough yet. But if I was in your situation, I would most definitely do the MMR before you go. Best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapir View Post
    absolutely yes i would give the vaccine. If you are worried about the vaccine you should be really worried about the actual illness, and uk measles rates absolutely should scare you.

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    Before a year I wouldn't. I would follow the advice of your dr. Is your ds nursing?

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    Seeing your update I would not go against the pediatricians advice. My best advice would be to research how mmr are spread and take precautions to avoid situations where he could likely be exposed (for example, I wouldn't take him to a hospital). That's a tough one.

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