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Thread: Talk to me about chicken pox (x-posted - expecting)

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    Question Talk to me about chicken pox (x-posted - expecting)

    So apparently we are dealing with an outbreak of chicken pox in our church which will likely spread to the home school group we attend. Here's where our family is at:

    DH: Had a terrible case of the chicken pox when he was a kid. Probably immune.
    Me: Had a terrible case of the chicken pox when I was 4. Probably immune, but my dr is sending me for blood work this afternoon to make sure because of possible complications to the pregnancy (13wks now) if I do get them.
    DS (5): Had both vaccine shots for it.
    DD1 (3) and DD2 (2): Had the first vaccine shot for it. DD2 is still nursing.
    DD3 (just turned 1): No vaccine for it yet. Still nursing.

    We haven't been directly exposed yet, but the likelihood is definitely there. Just trying to be prepared if I can. The pedi's office hasn't called me back yet with any information, but the nurse at my dr's office says that the vaccine doesn't mean that they for sure won't get them it just lessens the severity if they do. Nursing will help with the little girls, but only if I'm immune.

    Experiences? Advice? Treatments?
    I major outbreak is pretty rare anymore, but we know a lot of people here that don't do vaccines so it's possible, even probable, that this will make the rounds. TIA your thoughts.

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    Honestly, as long as you are immune then I wouldn't worry about it.

    Disclaimer : I want my kids to get it so that they have life long immunity. If your DD3 was older I'd say share the germs, but I wouldn't feel comfortable intentionally exposing a 1 yr old.

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    I agree. You are most likely immune, and that is really the only concern. I wouldn't worry about the rest of them getting it. My mix is somewhat like yours, the first few have been fully vaccinated, a couple have had just one, and one hasn't had any (the baby). We have all been exposed a few times when it makes its rounds. Which happens at least once a year in the homeschool community which seems to be mostly unvaxed. And none of them have ever gotten them.

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    The pregnancy and dd3 are my main concerns as well. Had blood drawn this afternoon to see for sure if I'm immune. If I am I won't do anything to stop them from getting it probably. Talked to a few other moms that have had 1 year olds get them without any major issues. My gp's office didn't seem overly concerned about her although I never got to talk to their pedi today. I guess we'll just see what happens. Thanks for the responses.

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