Since this seems to be the safest place to discuss gay issues I figured I would just post this question that I have been thinking about....

If you and your family are supportive and you want to raise your children to be supportive, do you explain what homosexuality is or just play it off like it's so normal that it doesn't need explaining?

I had thought if DH and I just approached it as normal that our kids would just accept it as normal and move on. My best friend and her partner live in our basement apartment and my kids have a close relationship with them. They have not asked anything about their relationship yet but I am starting to wonder if we should just explain what being gay means before they hear it from someone else or draw their own conclusions. My friend and her partner plan to get married. My kids have been talking a lot about people getting married (they don't know my friend's plans, just in general) and will ask if boys can marry other boys and girls marry other girls. We have explained they can. That's really as far as we went. Then DD2 said she wanted to marry me

One of DD1's friends has 2 moms. She has mentioned he has 2 moms before and I just say "wow lucky him"!

Should I be explaining what it means to have 2 moms? How do you all handle this? Do you use the terms gay, lesbian, homosexual? I often think of the book Nurture Shock and how when race was not discussed the kids ended up drawing their own conclusions about children who were different races and/or segregating themselves. I don't want that to happen but I don't want it to seem "abnormal" in that it needs know what I mean?