Me and my partner had unprotected sex several times in january and at*
the beginning of february but he did not ejactulate inside me.*
january 28 i did not recieve a period but i spotted for one day very light.*
february 9'i got a period that was a bit weird but it lasted as long as a regular period.*
this month (march) ive been feeling nauseated everyday but not actually*
. my boobs off and on feel tender and swollen. and my acne has gotten pretty bad.*
i drank a cup of tea today and my stomach gelt weird and unsettling.*
ive had several headaches. also this month i had what appearrd to be a period*
on march 9th that is still going that does not appear to be going away anytome soon*
it started brown then became normal red now is a mixture. and between all this*
time ive tooken 3 pregnancy tests all are negative. ive been to the dr. they*
cant find anything wrong. does anyone have any ideas*

pleas and thanks greatful for any advice!"

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