I have a really hard time understanding what there is to be afraid of. I just really don't get it. Another couple getting married has NOTHING to do with your own personal relationship. It just kind of follows like race....my bff is married to a different race and I didn't....but neither of our marriages has anything to do with the other.

I am really lucky that most people i know personally and well enough to know their thoughts....are mostly liberal or socially liberal republicans. It's just a select few that are not...one of which is my DH's cousin.

My mom's brother was gay (my favorite uncle) and so is her sister. So my grade school cousins have two mommies. So I have kind of always known that in my life. And it wasn't like a huge shocker to the family when my sister said she was gay.....only thing my parents worried about was her being open on FB because they worried about work. Thank god Wisconsin is a state where that it is illegal to fire someone for being gay. I was shocked that there are 29 states where she wouldn't be protected.

I can see saying, yeah I don't really get it and it's not something I am interested in. It is absolutely NOT ok to stomp on someone's civil rights and discriminate....and even more disgusting to be proud of it.