I'm posting in here because I figured you all would be more likely to share my point of view

Even if you don't watch tv I'm sure everyone is aware of the Supreme Court hearings going on this week. It's all over FB, and for the most part people are posting very supportive things from what I've seen come across my newsfeed. Until this evening.

My DH was actually the one who text me and said "Look at Todd's post. There goes that friendship." His friend posted a picture of a = with a line though it. OK.... *breathe*..... he's allowed to have his own opinion, even if I think he's wrong. But then I read the hate filled text that was shared along with the picture, and it made me sick to my stomach. I told him so. What followed hasn't gotten any better, and I'm pretty sure the friendship is over because of it. I KNOW I disagree with so many of my friends on so many different topics, but I have a feeling this particular disagreement is going to destroy all of our friendships- Ryan's friendship with Todd, and my friendship with Todd's wife. I'm kind of sad, but not sad enough to not stay anything. I *have to* take a stand for something I believe this strongly in. I'm sad that I didn't know he's such a douche.

How do you deal with differences of opinion? I've been able to navigate the religious thing pretty well, the parenting differences aren't even a big deal because everyone does things their own way, I chose not to talk politics- not even with family.... but equal rights isn't something I can say "we'll agree to disagree on it."