So this whole thing is driving me crazy...I had a normal period last month..during me n the man had sex and regularly through the next weeks. This month 2 days before my period was supposed to start I started spotting and that lasted 3 days. It was light in color then very brown. My periods are normally heavy for at least a few days then light. My boobs were very very sore to the touch for like two weeks and now they just feel fuller n I swear there are new stretch marks. (I am small so its fee noticeable)I am super tired all the time. I am runner and have hard time mustering up the st,rength. My last run I felt like mystomach was trying to come up. I've def been constipated for weeks now. Now I have been stressed bc my dad was sick and he passed two weeks ago so I know stress can mess with at. But the other symptoms too?? I did take a hpt 2 days ago and it was negative. Should I wait n take another one or just say this is all stress related. the spotting has stopped but I still feel crampy but not my normal period twinge