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    I think bmom had a baby Dec 2011! Her sister has a fb acct and has her privacy settings as public. She posted a pic of herself with bmom and their brother from Thanksgiving 2011. Bmom was obviously pg and then her sister posted a pic of a baby saying she's a new was born mid-Dec 2011.

    In the Thanksgiving pic bmom looked fantastic! I was so happy to see a pic of her that wasn't a mug shot ♥. She looked healthy and like she was doing okay.

    I want to do one-way communication so badly but dh is still opposed. I understand his concerns. It's hard though knowing that ds may have a little brother and not being able to be a part of their lives at all. I'll bring it up to dh again in the future but not right now...he was adamant about it around Christmas (I wanted to send a Christmas card with a pic of ds).

    It was so encouraging though...I know looks can be deceiving but it must be a good sign that I haven't heard from dhs that she had another child come into state care. They said they'd contact me if it happened...I think I'll call them and ask .

    Really praying she has her life together...she's often on my heart ♥
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