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    hello there,

    I hope someone can help. I am 2 weeks pregnant and it is an amazing surprise.
    But I was using an "hydration station" one week ago, basically it warms up your body to 120° with INFRARED.
    I am very scared that it could affect the baby. Unfortunately I did not know I was pregnant.

    Please if anybody has a similar experience ? Are the INFRARED very bad ? I have read that it it is far worst than a tanning bed.

    Thank you,


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    Congrats on your pregnancy! However this forum room is for people who are struggling to conceive. Instead, I think you should call your dr and/or ask in a pregnancy forum room. GL!

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    Moving this question to Expecting in General.
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    I would call your doctor. Raising your body temperature above 99 degrees usually isn't recommended in pregnancy but since it was so early it may not be a big deal. Definitely call your doctor.
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    Hmm, the inside of your body won't have been 120*, as *your* brain would start dying at around 108*. I'm not sure about infrared though and how safe it is or isn't. I would talk to your doctor. Good luck!

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