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    I am not pregnant but, I wanted to add this after seeing my gyn. I thought my periods were abnormal running from 29-35 days.

    -Textbook Normal Cycles Can Range From 28-40 days
    so that's why its better to wait until you are two weeks late from your normal cycle to test

    -One period cycle doesn't fit all

    -We are women on here giving each other advice or sharing our stories we DO NOT substitute for your regular healthcare physician

    - Some Birth control pills have side effects that mock early pregnancy such as: nausea, swollen breast, fatigue, and headaches

    - Some Birth control pills will not be very effective while the usage of antibiotics always check with your regular healthcare physical if build up birth control such as condoms should be used

    - PlannedParenthood.Org has great information on the effectiveness of birth control and the average cost

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