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    Do you use Borax? I have been using it for scrubbing sinks, tub and stove. I just recently learned that it is not quite as safe (this is an old article, but I only saw it recently:

    I am just curious what is your take on it and what you use for scrubbing things like soap scum, baked on stuff on glass stove-top or build up from hard water.

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    I have never used it cleaning, but I have used it for laundry

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    Yes, I use it to clean my toilets sometimes. We don't ingest it, and it has no smell, so I am not concerned. I have also used it in my laundry in the past.

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    I have found it works great on stains in the laundry that my natural stain remover doesn't always get out. However, when it comes to household cleaning I make an all purpose cleaner of vinegar, water and essential oil. For the tough stuff I used baking soda and vinegar.

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