I will be starting clomid soon and wanted to see what y'all's opinions were one some questions I have.

The only issue I can find about bfing while on clomid is that it may effect your supply. I'm not worried about it effecting my supply (maybe it'll help the weaning process dd only nurses twice a day) but I am wondering if it would harm my nursing toddler.

I O on my own so wouldn't taking clomid increase my chances that much more for multiples? I REALLY hope so!!! We will be doing timed intercourse, no iui or anything like that.

Then I have my ultrasound around CD 12 to check for follicles....if there are many, say 6, mature follies does that mean I could get 6 babies? All 6 wouldn't probably make it though right, but wouldn't it still increase my chances for twins? If there are 6 follies, does that mean all of them will come out to be met with sperm?

I have a super strong feeling that I will get pregnant with twins!!! Which is totally awesome since I've always wanted twins.