Wow- I somehow forgot that my appointment is on Monday! The end of the month snuck up on me! So this is the initial appointment after a year of ttc. We have a son, and the only thing at has changed(I think) since then is a medical issue for dh that I'd rather not get into too much. We've also just had a lot of stress over the year that we have been getting a handle on. I am thinking it might be low sperm count for hubby based on the medical thing-we were told it might happen. I had some basic bloodwork done at my last physical- thyroid, etc and that was all good. And nothing of note at my last obgyn appt.

I'll be cd5 on Monday. Will that be ok? I would think I might still have a bit of spotting. I should have called today but I had totally forgotten.

Anyways, any words of wisdom? I am hoping for an easy visit. I don't always love going to the clinic- military- so often just treated like one more number. Ugh. But- will be good to get some groundwork done and see where we're at.