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Thread: How soon did you start showing?

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    Default How soon did you start showing?

    So how soon did everyone start showing with their second pregnancies? This time around I feel like I am showing already at 5 weeks.

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    This is also my second and I felt the same way at 5 weeks hahaha I think its all the bloating that is going on with your body. I am now 12 weeks and I saw someone the other day and they asked how much weight I've lost, so I think I just feel huge because my husband even says I don't look pg to him yet.
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    lol i think we all think we look bigger than we do!
    i was bloated the first few months then started to "round out" around the 4th month.... now i feel like im at a stand still and havent grown anysince then... but i have.
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    I was around 8 weeks.

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    With my daughter it was around 4 months with my son 5 months. It all depended on what I was wearing. I honestly could have also hid the first pregnancy because some people are rude and though I looked like I was just "fat".

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    Really showing where I couldn't hide? By about 13 wks. Before that, though, I was popped out by about 6wks but just wore baggy clothes to hide things for a bit. But my second was twins, so I'm not sure how good an example I am.

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    People didn't start asking me if I was pregnant until 22ish weeks with my first, 15 weeks with my second and 18 weeks with this one. Now, I could tell much sooner than those dates.
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    About 5 months

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