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    As you ladies have heard I have had nothing but health issues since having my son. Well I still have an uterus infection and tonight they gave me more antibiotics to take. Well I got extremely sick (vomiting and diarrhea.) so I knew that if I was to breast feed him he would do the same because the last time I had that issue from antibiotics he did too. So i decided to give him formula and pump and dump right now which is so hard to do.

    So here's a question for you ladies, when should I resume breast feeding?
    They gave me four pills and an IV bag of antibiotics at the hospital and they gave me two antibiotics to take for a week, three times a day :/

    Should I feel bad about giving him formula? I'm having a hard time and feeling like a failure. Just need some words of encouragement and hopefully I'm doing the right thing.

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    Gosh I feel so badly for you! DO NOT feel badly for giving him formula!!! You are doing the best you can!

    Can you try mixing BM + Formula? Do you think he would have a reaction to that? I would try that for the week you are on abx unless he has a bad reaction. Just keep up that pumping as much as possible.

    Maybe someone else will have some better suggestions. I just really wanted to tell you not to feel bad. You are doing a terrific job and I admire all that you are doing. I don't know if I would have been able to keep it up with all you have gone through so I really commend you.
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    do not feel bad about the formula! You are doing what you can! Can you talk to a lactation consultant?

    Maybe try nursing one feeding and see how it goes, then gradually adding them all back in if he doesn't have any issues with them.

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    I'd talk w/a LC about when to resume if possible.

    And? Don't feel bad about the formula! You need to feed your baby. If you were stubbornly refusing to give him formula and letting him essentially starve because your milk was making him sick, then you'd have a reason to feel bad. You're doing what needs to be done for your boy and for you. There's nothing wrong with that at all.

    I hope the infection clears up with this round of abx. I'm sorry you've had a rough time of it.

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    Well I started breast feeding him again. He just doesn't really care for the formula. I'm not taking the antibiotics until I can stomach them. I called my dr today and they told me to wait a day or so then start them again. I really think they gave me way too much at once. I only weigh 120 and that much antibiotics at once did a number on me.they gave me four 500 mg pills and a round of them through an iv.I lost five pounds within 12 hours because nothing would stay in me. I slowly started eating crackers and had some mashed potatoes.

    Thank you ladies. You are so sweet and awesome!

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