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    So what kind of soap do you all use? Do you make your own? What about shampoo and conditioner?

    If you make your own please share some recipes
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    I swear, I'm not following you around the board!!
    For soap, we've been using neem soap ever since we got scabies. It stinks. But I'm going to use it until it's gone JUST in case. I mean, I know they are gone but I read some crazy horror stories in the hours I spent reading about them *shudder*
    Otherwise, I have a stockpile of some handmade soap I bought from a guy who makes it and he was selling all of his "end pieces" for 75 cents apiece! I bought the whole box which was like 50 bars.
    Shampoo, I either do the whole no-poo thing with the baking soda and acv or I buy Avalon Organics when it goes on sale at the co-op.

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    I make most of my own. My mom and her best friend and her daughter who is one of my closest friends and I all get together a few times a year and one of the things we so is make soap, lotion, bath salts and bath fizzies. We usually make enough to last us and use for gifts for 6 months or so.

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    I use dr. bronner's soap. For shampoo, too. I have also used botanie (I think that is the name). You can also find some good soaps on etsy and check their ingredients.

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    For the kids, I usually go to skindeep and check the ones that have zero or 1 rating and then cross reference because they have really good savings. I do the same for me. Right now I use HUGO for colored hair, shampoo and conditioner, and don't remember the brand for the body wash. I know it was rated 0 and I bought it from vitacost for $5-6. I have tried making my own and I am not really good at it.....
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    I buy mine from a momma who makes it. She makes both goats milk and another form I forget. Though she is experimenting right now with other milks (even breast milk) I like her goat milk a lot.

    Shampoo I buy in a large quantity. Although I need to find something else. It is not doing well any more.


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