Hello, I am new to this, so please bare with me. I had my period on FEB 21, and I never really keep track of when my period comes, but I always know the day before or the actual day because of the cramps. Me and my fiance had sex that same day and all the way through the last day and 2 days after it. I felt as though I could be pregnant, but realized the chances of that actually happens are really slim. However, I have been feeling nauseous, my breasts are sore and I feel like vomiting sometimes but never do, I also feel so tired and had to go to sleep as soon as I get home, which is very unlikely for me. I also eel dizzy sometimes and I feel like spitting all the time. Then, I started having these cramps and still feeling like spitting. I bought a HPT but since I am unsure of when my period would normally come on, I never used it and said I would wait till the end of the month. Finally, my period showed up today, March 19, at 5:00AM and I have not been able to sleep much since then, I have it now and it just looks a little strange and not exactly how it would normally come and be. I still feel like spitting every now and then, even feel like vomiting. I have never felt this way before while on period. I would like to know, what you guys think of that. Is it me just thinking and fantasizing about it, is it just my period, or could I seriously be pregnant? Please, help in any way you can..

Thank you ladies and have a blessed day!