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    About a week ago, I posted I was about 2 weeks late and I took a test and it said Neg. But on 4/19 I had a hours worth of brown discharge coming out and it literally last a hour, maybe two then stopped. on 4/20 nothing then on 4/21 it did it again for about an hour or 2. But its not normal for me for that to happen, I usually get week long periods. so I tested again and of course its a BFN. So I just thought nothing of it, then a few days ago a white discharge came out and someone said that could be sign of ovulation? Im so new to TTC because our first one was a surprise baby. Can anyone give me any advice? Im feeling so confused I dont think im pregnant cause I got so many BFN test results :/ But any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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    I would call your OB/GYN and voice your concerns and on next cycle try temping with Fertility Friend, it will help you identify when you are O'ing and try OPKs too if you want. The brown discharge could just be break through bleeding because you haven't had AF in a while but it could also be just irritation from something too. But it's hard for us to tell you what your body is doing because everyone is so different but I wish you luck that you get answers very soon!

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